EFC 2015 AGM – The Questions – Update 2

The Everton Football Club Shareholders’ Association was formed in 1938 and for more than 75 years has represented the interests of shareholders during generally positive dialogue with the Club. We haven’t always totally agreed with everything the Club has said, and done, but we have respected them and always been open and honest.   They in turn have reciprocated and we have enjoyed ready access over the years to the leaders of our Club.

In 2013 we successfully canvassed shareholders and, with their support, forced the first General Meeting in many years with one major objective, the permanent reinstatement of Annual General Meetings. Our requisition was passed by a show of hands with the visible, and enthusiastic, support of the Chairman of the Board, Bill Kenwright.

In November 2015 we had the latest of the now permanently reinstated Annual General Meetings. Unfortunately our Chairman was unable to attend and he was sadly missed. After months of preparation the Association was both shocked, and disappointed, when the Club steadfastly refused to answer all the questions posed by Shareholders.

Since the latest Annual General Meeting the Association has initiated dialogue with the Club on numerous occasions via letter, email and telephone. We have attempted to find common ground with an underlying objective of getting answers to the questions that were asked in good faith by Shareholders.

The Club has refused to meet or engage with the Association.

The chronology of events can be viewed here EFC 2015 AGM – CHRONOLOGY – FINAL and we hope that fair-minded people will respect that we have tried to engage with the Club on a timely basis and that we are being as transparent as we possibly can. However, it is very clear that for whatever reason the Club does not want to answer the questions.  We at the Association do not accept that their reasons, as presented, are valid; we believe that our fellow shareholders on the Board, acting in the best interests of all Shareholders, should ensure that all these questions are answered.

Our Club Chairman has always been very helpful, even during the difficult times of 2013 he would engage and meet with us whenever it was needed.   We hope he will meet with us now because our football club is far more important than any of the personalities involved.  Clearly we understand that he is not in the best of health and we all wish him well in this respect but if he is unable to meet with us we hope, and expect, that one of his Board colleagues will be encouraged to do so in his stead.


The “2015 AGM – Questions Document” can be found here Everton FC AGM 2015 – Questions by Category as at 211115

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