The Hillsborough Disaster and The Sun Newspaper


The Everton Football Club Shareholders’ Association noted with interest the recent decision of Liverpool Football Club to deny journalists of The Sun newspaper access to their premises, players, and management staff due to its notorious coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster.


Everton Football Club and Evertonians in general, have for the last 28 years stood firm in support of our friends and family from across the park.


The Association’s support remains steadfast and we completely support the decision that Liverpool Football Club have made; after all it is the right thing to do.


We also call on Everton Football Club to continue to stand side by side with Liverpool Football Club, as they have done so since the tragedy, and apply the same sanctions by withdrawing all privileges to journalists from The Sun.


With the anniversary of that terrible day occurring this weekend the Association will be laying a wreath on Saturday at the Hillsborough Monument Memorial in the city centre and we urge all Evertonians to continue to support our friends and family from across the park.


We notified Everton Football Club yesterday of the content of this statement and our intention to publish today.

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