Privacy Policy

Everton Shareholders’ Association fully respects your privacy. Please be assured that any information that you provide, particularly your e-mail or postal address, either through the submission of letters, e-mails, or any data that is gathered automatically for information about the site’s audience is for our own internal use only or for us to be able to respond to your feedback or contributions.

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Comments Monitoring

This website has a comment facility that enables comments to be submitted by readers of articles published on Everton FC Shareholders’ Association website. These comments are not immediately vetted or moderated at the time they are posted and go live on the site at the time they are submitted.

Reports that a posted comment is deemed to be offensive or otherwise unsuitable will be evaluated and the offending text removed at the earliest available opportunity.  Please be aware, however, that this may not be for a period of hours depending on the time of day and the availability of the site administrator.

Comments submitted to the site are the sole responsibility of the author and the site owners take no responsibility for them until or unless we receive a report of concern.

External Linking policy

Everton Shareholders’ Association provides current links to anything which we deem newsworthy or of potential interest to Evertonians. Where possible, a link is always provided to what we consider to be the primary source. Where there is multiple coverage, we endeavour to link to the more reputable organisation (e.g. the BBC).  The purpose is to lead you to the source, particularly when there is not sufficient time for us to publish our own report.

Everton Shareholders’ Association archive every news article that we publish, all these news articles and links build into a unique long-term record of the recent history of Everton FC.  Of course, we take no responsibility for content published on linked sites or their future availability, nor does a link necessarily constitute any form of endorsement or approval of that third-party website.