EFCSA Vote of No Confidence in EFC Board of Directors

Formed in 1938 the Everton Football Club Shareholders' Association is the oldest in football.

We have a long, proud and proven track record of not just speaking on behalf of our members but also during times of adversity speaking up for the wider fan base.

We successfully campaigned for the reinstatement of AGMs in 2013, unfortunately, the Board took it upon itself to change the Articles of Association and remove AGMs in 2022.

In July 2022 during a meeting with Shareholders, Farhad Moshiri and Bill Kenwright both stated that they had no problem with having AGMs.

Nonetheless here we are in January 2023 with no sign as to when the Annual Accounts will be published other than within legal deadlines and certainly no indication at all of a General Meeting anytime soon.

In our opinion our club continues to under achieve both on and off the pitch and the relationship the Majority Shareholder and the Board have with the wider fan base is at an all time low.

It is with great regret that the Association is asking fellow Shareholders and the wider fan base to sign our online petition calling for a vote of no confidence in the Board of Directors.

Please sign by clicking on the following link https://chng.it/cfQYZGMSJG